INTERIM (2022)

Collaboration with Mia Seppälä and Nanni Vapaavuori
White Studio, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

INTERIM is a brief exhibition by three doctoral researchers in the darkest time of the year, between university terms, in a building emptied by the approaching seasonal festivities.

We present temporary experimental arrangements using moving image, wood, curtains, beach chairs, blankets, and light. All the material elements are borrowed from other projects and uses for the occasion and will be returned to their origins after the exhibition.

We take a closer look at the hybrid studio space conceived for the needs of both visual and performing arts. It reminds us of other spaces – theater studio, school gym, practice room – but retains a distinct sense of oddness. Its material arrangements bear traces of negotiations, misunderstandings, and makeshift ingenuity which we want to highlight.

In another strain, we transpose acts made previously in other sites – a sanatorium and a public beach – to the urban shoreline across the road from the campus. We borrow the gesture of doubling from the studio space by saying the same thing twice, using the same effect twice and letting the works overlap. All works in the exhibition are collaborative.

Installation view, Essence of hybridity (2022), laminated veneer, Molton curtain, wallboard trolley, off-painted photograph, text, light, video projection on particle board, 4 min

Detail, Essence of hybridity (2022)

Detail, Essence of hybridity (2022)

Installation view, Midsummer night goes Sörnäinen (2022), performative event, folding beach chairs, wool blankets, trolley, light, texts, video projection on beach chair, 4 min

Installation view, Midsummer night goes Sörnäinen (2022)

Installation view, Project proposal, Sörnäinen shoreline (2022), 2-channel video installation, video projection on folding tables, 5:30 min

Installation view, INTERIM exhibition

Midsummer night goes Sörnäinen at Winter Solstice, performative event in Sörnäinen shoreline 21.12.22